Sacramento Chiropractor Dr. Steven Simmons

Sacramento chiropractor Dr. Steven Simmons

Sacramento chiropractor Dr. Steven Simmons

From the time I was thirty days old I was on the path to becoming a chiropractor whether I fully realized it or not. “

I was born in Davenport, Iowa, the birthplace of chiropractic. My father was attending Palmer Chiropractic College when I was born in 1970. My pediatrician, Virgil Strang D.C. was the father of chiropractic philosophy and the first to adjust me when I was just thirty days old.

Philosophically Based Healthcare

I mention this not because of the age of which I received the adjustment, but how philosophically based our profession was at the time. The adjustment was the end all, be all for better for worse. The philosophy provided the practitioners at the time the fuel necessary to deliver the profession to the next generation of chiropractors, for which I am grateful. Now with a growing body of evidence substantiating chiropractic, it is less about “does it work” and more about “who can benefit from our unique form of healthcare.”

A Little Bit About Me…

After an eight year hiatus from school, chasing the endless winters by working in the Sierra-Nevada as a professional ski patrolman and fishing the waters off the Alaskan coast, I returned to college to graduate summa cum laude from Palmer Chiropractic College West just seven short years later.

Armed with the latest in chiropractic education I returned to my hometown of Sacramento to join my father, Michael Simmons D.C. in practice. Over the years I have drawn on my fathers experience and incorporated the latest in chiropractic, exercise, and nutrition to achieve the best results for my patients.

Destiny? Maybe…

Pursuit of a life’s passion? Absolutely…

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