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Sacramento Chiropractor Dr. Tom Olson

Sacramento chiropractor Dr. Tom Olson

Sacramento chiropractor Dr. Tom Olson

“My introduction to chiropractic was dramatic.”

In the late 1970s, my wife was nine months pregnant and ready to give birth to my first child. One morning she woke up and was not able to walk or put any pressure on her hip. She suggested chiropractic care; which at the time I did not know what that was. I opened the phone book and made an emergency appointment and within 10 minutes of her treatment, she was able to walk out on her own.

Later, I asked the doctor if he thought he could help me with my aches and pains. As a satisfied and excited new patient of chiropractic, I realized this was a field I wanted to learn more about. Six years later I became a practicing doctor of chiropractic and am still happily continuing to help the community.

A Chiropractor’s Education

I graduated from Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, Georgia in 1984, Magna Cum Laude. I chose this college for its reputation as being a leader in techniques for correcting and adjusting the spine. Additionally, I became a certified instructor for back injury prevention and exercise rehabilitation.


I was born and raised here in Sacramento in a very athletic and active family. I started competing athletically from the age of four all the way through college (swimming, basketball, and football). Through the years of experience (personal and practice), I have developed simple techniques that have reduced the frequency of injuries and improved patients wellness.

Since beginning my practice in 1985 here in Sacramento, I have chosen to focus on:

  • Gentle and effective adjusting techniques
  • Injury prevention (exercise and daily activities)
  • Effective rehabilitation programs (individualized stretching, yoga, and strengthening)
  • Automobile accident recovery
  • Versatile techniques for newborns to senior citizens

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